• Did you choose the right type of report?
    There are two types of reports that you can choose from

    Professional events: Events where a pharmaceutical company 1) is an organizer or co-organizer and the event is wholly or partly aimed at Danish healthcare professionals, 2) without being an organizer or co-organizer, financially (sponsor) grants support for a so-called 3rd party arrangement that is wholly or partly aimed at Danish healthcare professionals or for the participation of Danish healthcare professionals in the same or 3) cases where the pharmaceutical company buys an exhibition stand at a congress in Denmark

    Promotional material: All forms of printed promotional material on medicines aimed at healthcare professionals in the Danish market. These may include printed advertisements, booklets, handouts, or similar. Electronic texts are equated with printed texts. Texts on websites are thus matched with printed advertisements.

    You can read more about the different types of reports under FAQ